From 7th to 9th of November 2016 in Shadzhidzhuan the capital of Hebei Province – China was held a world trade fair of leading Chinese and international companies in the field of biotechnology, food industry, agriculture, ecology and environment, innovation and new technologies, medicine, tourism, spa and IT technology.

There were many Chinese companies located in the top 500 of the Chinese industry, five of them are at the forefront in the field of agriculture and food industry, 200 companies from Taiwan, 10 – top – large taxpayers of China, 20 production companies in the field biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and many others. There was significant presence of companies from the US, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

DOBRUDJA FLORA OIL was presented by our trade representative for China Mr. Wang Feng. Mr. Feng presented lavender oil by our company from this year harvest. He had made a presentation of the lavender fields, the distillery and Kavarna and General – Toshevo agricultural areas where our farmlands are situated.

The presentation cause a great interest among the specialised companies. They announced firm plans to develop commercial partnerships with “DOBRUDJA FLORA OIL” for the coming year. The quality of our essential oil made it one of the products which made a serious impression in the expo.

Mr. Feng had a personal meeting with the Mayor of Shadzhidzhuan. On the meeting there was a presentation of the company. After the official part the mayor had received some souvenirs and original lavender oil produced from Dobruja fields.