Harvest 2016

For the year 2016 Dobruja Flora Oil Ltd had produced 9600 kilograms of high quality essential oil, which was distributed and successfully sold among various markets in the world including Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, China and USA.

The increased production volume of this year Harvest results is due to the fact that the technical park of the company has been significantly upgraded and modernised, equipped with the latest machines, which greatly improve the quality of pre-treatment of lavender blossoms.

The renovation and modernisation of the facilities for boiling the oil, had a great impact on improving the quality of lavender oil and increased production volume of the distillery.

The interest in the final product was dictated by the fact that lavender blossoms were obtained from BIO-certified fields, without chemical treatment of the plants and method of obtaining the oil was entirely based on the steam distillation, without any chemical methods and enhancers.

These facts determine the purity and quality of the oil produced from Dobruja Flora Oil Ltd.