Dobruja Flora Oil Ltd. finished it’s campaign 2017 with great success.

The process for harvesting and distilling the lavender flower blooms went with great success for Dobruja Flora Oil Ltd. The lavender fields were harvest on time matching the required deadlines.
Around 1 920 000 kilos of flower mass was distilled in our distillery with the end result of 12 800 kilograms of pure essential oil. The quality of the obtained oil was really high proof of which are the laboratory analysis made right after the yield. As a result we were able to sold out all of out production to our long term partners as well as new once, with whom was made pre-production negotiations. Our oil was distributed and sold to countries from all around the world and the interested from some markets was exceptionally high: USA, Germany, China and India. Because we believe that the quality products are in the heart of quality business we already have potential buyers for the next agricultural year.