The unique properties of the lavender essential oil

Why it is advisable to have antiviral essential oils in your home

The essential oils could prevent you getting sick and aid you in faster recovery in the events of sickness. The essential oils are eliminating the virus whilst supporting you general health. Having in mind that you should use essential oils in order to prevent sickness or in supplementation with another medical means in order to achieve substantially better recovery and wellbeing.

The antiviral essential oils are natural antibiotic. They are fighting against bacteria and viruses, the main causes of infections, but also they provide a better health for your immune system, skin, muscles, bones, cells and emotional health.

The lavender essential oil

The lavender essential oil is obtained through distillation of the blossoms of the plant called Lavandula hybrida. This oil is one of the most used essential oils in the worlds at the moment. You should have some amounts of it just because of its relaxing properties which leads to stress relieve, better sleep, faster wound healing, insect biting and anti- oxidative benefits.

The lavender is rich on essential oils, acids, coumarins, tannins and saponin (in the blossoms). The essential oil from this plant is marvellous. It has antiseptic, pain-reliefing, antispastic, bactericide and sedative properties. The therapeutic compounds in the lavender are called: linalol, linalilacetate, beta-ocimen and alpha-terpineol. Most of the people have good tolerance for those substances.

The calming smell of the lavender oil could aid you in respiratory infection like cough, flue, sore throat and will stimulate you nervous system while relaxing you and providing you with better sleep quality.

Inhaling the lavender essential oil could help you to extrapolate the mucus, which are blocking the breathing paths, while the antiviral and antibacterial properties will aid you in the fight against the infection. This oil is stimulating the immune system and helps you with further complications.

Just add a few drops in you bathtub and enjoy the calming effects of the oil.

The antioxidants are the natural super healers you need. The free radicals, obtained by chemical compounds, pollutants, stress and toxic environment are the main reason for many cellular damage, immune deficiency and many other health risks such as cancer and other chronic diseases. The body is producing antioxidants in the form of enzymes like catalase, lutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase. Unfortunately our bodies are constantly attacked from the free radicals, which depletes our supplies. The lavender essential oil is an effective antioxidant supplier. Chinese scientists are saying that the oil regulates the three antioxidants and helps brain damage. The antioxidant activity and the apoptosis are the main mechanism fighting against the oxidative stress. The French chemist Rene Moris Gatefos first discovers the helping properties of the lavender essential oil, while during an accident he burns his hand severely. He used pure unsaturated oil and this healed his hand without any infections or scars. The scientific studies are showing that the lavender oil when received internally could help insomnia, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies are showing that the oil could reduce the severity of diabetes, but could improve body weight and preserve the liver and kidneys on study rats.

Other benefits of the lavender essential oil:

Helps for better sleep: spray 5 drops around your bed or just use 2-3 drops on you neck, head or chest or use aroma diffuser)

Helps with all kind of burns or wounds or skin inflammations: our the lavender oil in coconut oil and apply twice daily

Helps in reducing anxiety and stress. This is well known benefit of the oil: just put a couple of drops on you forehead, wrists and foot or just use aroma diffuser

Fights against high blood pressure: use it on your workspace to avoid stress

Helps with regulating the blood sugar.

Helps with the better look and health of your skin. The anti inflammatory properties of the oil are helping with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Helps with the hormone balance.

Helps and reduces headache.

Helps with moths.

Helps with preventing flees and parasites concerning pets.

Lavender oil – terms of use
Internally: 3 drops per day are applied with one table spoon of honey and 250ml of water.
Externally: Aroma lamps, diffusers, inhalations, massages, bathtubs, masks etc.
Contraindications: For most of the people there re none including pregnant woman and children.