About us


Dobruja Flora Oil is based in Dobirch – one of the main centers for agricultural production and agribusiness in Bulgaria. A merchants’ city with street fairs, with a developed manufacture of farm machinery and agricultural cultivation. The city is an administrative center of Dobrich Province and the capital of the region that includes eight municipalities.

The main activity is pruning and harvesting the lavender crops and flowers, also producing and trading lavender water and oil.


The lavender crops from which we produce our products are located in the territories of General Toshevo municipality and Kavarna.

Our own areas with crops are certified for organic manufacturing.

The whole area from which we realize our production is more than 150 hectares, from which we own 60 and rest are cultivated as assigned in a contract.

The pruning and harvesting of the commodities is made under the control and the newest technologies in the lavender manufacturing.

The hectares are planted with lavender crops from the ‘Hemus’, ‘Druzhba’, ‘Yubileyna’, ‘Sevtopolis’ type, produced by a licensed manufacturers, selected and taken care of by specialists in the area.


Our partners in Dobruja Flora Oil have their own distillery for lavender oil, planned and build matching the requirements for producing an excellent quality oils, conformed to the European standards, specific for the business.

Also, we collocate with the required equipment for cultivating the land and the lavender crops –cultivators for farming the soil and the crops, tractors, special trailors for transporting and combine harvesters for gathering the lavender flower buds, also a special place for storing the production.


On an annual basis Dobruja Flora Oil realizes the manufacturing of 8 000 kilograms of oil.

The production is sold through a partner contracts with brands – producers of lavender oil in Bulgaria, Europe, Asia and America.

We are selling our production in varying quantities of liters or milliliters.